Travel to Camp by Plane

While most of our campers are from Texas or within driving distance, we do have lots of campers that will be flying to and from camp.  We will help coordinate arrivals and departures of your children.  

Please try to schedule any flights TO camp on Opening Day to arrive between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM at Austin Bergstrom Airport.  If that is not possible, please coordinate with us BEFORE you book your flights.  

Some general FAQ:

  • If possible, please try to make your flights to Austin Bergstrom International Airport.  This allows us to best coordinate pickups and drops off.  If San Antonio Airport is your best option, we can make that work.
  • We have a travel agent that will help us book a group flight from Florida for 2nd session.  You are not required to choose this flight, but it is usually priced competitively and the campers have fun traveling together. Our travel agent for Florida is Malky Wiesenberg of Jerry Allen Travel ( or 305-937-1900)
  • If your child is flying alone, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the airline’s unaccompanied minor policies.  We ask that you pay the unaccompanied minor fees and/or Baggage fees ahead of time to make your kids' travel as easy as possible.
  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you fill out your transportation form with all of the flight information.  That is what we will use to coordinate pick ups and drop offs.  If your travel plans change for any reason, please let us know.
  • We will give you contact information the day before your camper travels of the staff person that will be picking up your child at the airport.  We will also confirm with you when your camper arrives at the airport.
  • If your campers do not want to carry luggage for their flights, you are welcome to ship luggage to camp.  We will accept baggage deliveries the week prior to each session. 
  • We will have an airport shuttle picking up the campers from the airport.  There is no cost for that shuttle for any flights organized either by our travel agent or on opening or closing day of each session. There will be a cost of $20 each way for the shuttle (charged to your CampInTouch account) if your camper will be arriving to, or leaving camp from camp on a day other than opening or closing day.  

Keep reading to find out about Traveling HOME from Camp by Plane

Stay tuned for flight TO Camp for Summer 2020:

El Paso

Please contact our office staff if interested in going through our travel agent for flights First Session.


Ft Lauderdale International Airport to Austin Bergstrom International Airport: Sunday, July 12th on Southwest Airlines #3930
Departs Ft Lauderdale at 9:40 am
Arrives Austin at 11:45 am

Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Austin: Sunday, July 12th on Southwest Airlines #3151
Departs LAX at 7:10 am
Arrives Austin at 12:15 pm

You will need to call Southwest to make reservations if your children are under the age of 12. The number is 800.435.9792. Give Southwest the following information: the adult ticket to link to the campers' flight is Samantha Wallace and her SW confirmation # is: TP7HGA.


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