Last Minute To-Do's

You've filled out your forms and are packing your bags....make sure you've taken care of these last things.

  • Write a letter to your camper before they leave, guaranteeing they receive mail in the very beginning of camp! 
  • Give your camper the addresses of everyone they may want to write to during the session. 
  • If your camper is nervous about his or her first session at camp, be sure to talk about how fun it will be and how much they have to look forward to! (This can be of great help in preventing homesickness.) 
  • Parents planning on flying their children as unaccompanied minors should be sure to check their airline’s policies on unaccompanied minors and pre-pay any fees. For more information about flying to camp click here.
  • Make sure that your Transportation Form is accurate so we know exactly how your camper is getting to camp. We would hate for someone waiting to be picked up and we didn't know about it!
  • Make sure that your Health Form is accurate. Has your camper changed medications since you filled out the form? Double-check that medications and dosages are up-to-date.
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