Missing Home

Many children miss home when they are at camp. You can help by writing often, being positive, supportive, and conveying a genuine feeling of happiness regarding your child’s stay at camp. Please encourage your child to stay at camp. It also helps to avoid using the term homesick because it gives the impression that the child may be sick. 

Ninety-nine percent of missing home is gone by the third or fourth day of camp, but because the mail in Wimberley is slow, if your child is missing home you might receive letters indicating this well into the second week of camp even though the feeling has passed. Look for up-to-date pictures of your child to see how they are doing or use our email and response system to get a more immediate response time. 

Here are a few suggestions for letter writing: 

  • Write a letter to your child a week before camp (our mail is very slow) so that there will be a letter waiting upon his or her arrival. 
  • Make certain that the things you say will not contribute to missing home. For example, don't mention special trips or how much your child’s pets miss him/her. 

Our Methods:

Our staff spends time during orientation training on how to cope with specific situations, including missing home. We deal with these situations by: 

  • Training our staff to actively listen. This enables us to understand and solve the problems that the child is having. It also shows the child that there is someone who cares. 
  • Teaching our staff to find out which activities the child enjoys best and encourage that child to participate in all activities. 
  • Spending time every day with our staff discussing situations so that we are aware of all issues and can help a child overcome them. 
  • Consulting parents—you know your child better than anyone. A unit head or the camper care team will be in touch with you if there is a case that we need help overcoming. 
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