What are the cabins like?

Every cabin has bunk beds for 12 to 16 campers and 4 staff members. Before campers arrive, their beds and cubbies are chosen for them—this way, campers have a space waiting for them when they walk in. Campers are allowed to make requests (in the Bunking Form), and every camper is guaranteed at least one of his or her requested bunkmates. 

The bunks are roomy and air-conditioned. They have their own sinks, personal showers, and toilets. Each camper has one cubby to fit her/her things.  

The bunk is at the very heart of the camp experience. This structure takes a handful of campers and staff and transforms them into a family. Kids sleep, eat, live, and breathe as a bunk, creating an unbreakable team and an everlasting bond. It’s the setting for countless childhood memories and the birthplace of lifelong friendships. 

As a microcosm of the camp, we make sure the bunk experience reflects our most important principles. Counselors are trained to nurture a caring environment, resolve conflicts with fairness, and set an example with patience and good character. Decisions and responsibilities that affect the bunk are often handled communally, teaching our campers the value of compromise and cooperation. There are labels around the bunk space in Hebrew, bringing the language of Israel into the living area.

Not to mention—it’s really fun! Playing games, telling jokes, sharing secrets… bunk life is like having a massive slumber party for three weeks!

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