First-Time Campers

We’ve been taking first-time campers of all ages for decades and we’ve become very adept at bringing newbies into the community. Our staff is trained in developing cohesion in the bunk, so they’re ready to build a cabin dynamic where everyone’s included. Bonding programs begin the very first day, (even earlier for those riding the bus), and the staff continues to nurture camper friendships throughout the season.

You should also know that even the kids who have been coming to camp for a long time will experience a certain novelty every summer. The staff dynamic is always slightly different, and the programming and amenities continue to evolve. Even the campers themselves grow and change in the off-season, so camp takes on a new appearance with their new perspective.

This means every summer feels unique, and veteran campers are more than ready to change their understanding of what CYJ-Texas is. First-timers may seem new for a moment, but in no time, they’re considered an integral part of the camp family.

Just like modern Israel, everyone at CYJ was a newcomer at some point, but there’s space in our camp (and our hearts) for everyone to find their home!

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