Medical Policies: Communication from Medical Staff

When you have 300 campers with 300 bodies, someone is going to feel under the weather at some point. Fortunately, even with all of the activity and programming and athletics, the vast majority of our Health Center visits are for minor issues. 

With that in mind, you'll understand why the medical staff is not in the habit of communicating every scrape and splinter a camper comes in with.  You’ll be contacted by the Camp Nurse regarding your child’s health only if: 

  • The camper is confined to the Health Center overnight. 
  • The camper is a frequent visitor to the Health Center (more than 2 visits about the same issue) 
  • The camper requires appointments with services or physicians outside of camp. 
  • The camper requires a new prescription. 
  • The camper requires transportation  off site  for emergency treatment and/or medical evaluation due to injury. 
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