Medical Policies: Prescription Medication

For safety reasons, most medicine is forbidden in the bunks and is turned over to the medical staff, (the exceptions are EpiPens). The medical staff distributes all prescriptions throughout the day. Both the nurse and counselors know when campers should be taking their medicine and they work together to help a camper maintain his or her regimen. For treatments taken before bedtime, a member of the medical staff will find campers individually and deliver their prescription every night. 

Please send your child’s medicine in its original prescription container and place it in a labeled (name and unit) Ziploc bag. 

Special note on ADD/ADHD Medicines: 

If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is important to discuss with your physician about the administration of medications during the summer. While school is out, the unique environment of Camp is still a learning experience. Camp emphasizes experiential learning and builds social skills. For the sake of this growth and for safety reasons, campers still need attention and vigilance while at camp. Please discuss your child’s summer plans with his/her physician. Many parents find that with medication, their child is better able to cope with camp and have a successful summer. 

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