Medical Policies: Prescription Medication

All Medication in Pill Form (Both Prescription and Over-the Counter):

We are constantly working to improve the way we run things at camp. The number of kids receiving medications at camp have increased every year. After months of investigation we found a partner to help us streamline and help make medication management at camp more efficient.

What is this wonderful new program you may ask? It’s called GrabADose!

GrabADose conveniently fills your child’s prescription and non- prescription pills DIRECTLY from your doctor through their pharmacy and sends it to the medical staff at camp in neat and easy to read packaging and directions for our medical staff to dispense to your child. You can even use your insurance.

For this program to be successful, we need your help!

Here is how it works.

  • Log on to
  • Fill in all personal information
  • Fill in all insurance information
  • Have your doctor either fax or efax the prescription to Royse City Pharmacy by May 1 for First Session and June 1 for Second Session. (Pharmacy info below)
  • All this for the low price of $9 a child! Not $9 per medication, but $9 PER CHILD! Wow.

This prescription service is ONLY being used for pills. That includes vitamins, over the counter medications like allergy meds or any other non-prescription pills that your child takes every day.

This is not being used for any other kind of medication like creams, nasal sprays, Epipens, inhalers, etc. Those will be collected at check in whether at the bus or in person Camp drop off.  


Please note that this LOW price of $9 per child is only available if you sign up AND prescriptions are received BEFORE the deadlines. Again, that is May 1 for First Session and June 1 for Second Session.

If you miss that deadline, the price will JUMP to $25 per child.

Royse City Pharmacy

NABP #: 4529775

Address: 205 East Main St., Royse City, TX 75189

Phone #: 972-636-2451 

Fax #: 972-636-3190

All Other Prescription Medication (creams, Epipens, nasal sprays):

For safety reasons, most medicine is forbidden in the bunks and is turned over to the medical staff, (the exceptions are EpiPens). The medical staff distributes all prescriptions throughout the day. Both the nurse and counselors know when campers should be taking their medicine and they work together to help a camper maintain his or her regimen. For treatments taken before bedtime, a member of the medical staff will find campers individually and deliver their prescription every night. 

These medications will be dropped off with the appropriate staff member at camp drop off (either at the bus, or the in person drop off in the Beit Am).

Special note on ADD/ADHD Medicines: 

If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is important to discuss with your physician about the administration of medications during the summer. While school is out, the unique environment of Camp is still a learning experience. Camp emphasizes experiential learning and builds social skills. For the sake of this growth and for safety reasons, campers still need attention and vigilance while at camp. Please discuss your child’s summer plans with his/her physician. Many parents find that with medication, their child is better able to cope with camp and have a successful summer. 

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