Health Services

When you have 300 campers with 300 bodies, someone is going to feel under the weather at some point. That’s we’ve invested so much in our Health Center, our top-of-the-line medical facility staffed by certified professionals 24-hours a day! 

We are fortunate to have modern diagnostic tools in our Health Center, such as rapid strep kits and community physician-directed protocols, which often let us evaluate and treat the campers for minor ailments without their having to leave camp. The Center also caters to campers who require isolation, respite from camp routine, or for those that require more frequent observation than can reasonably be provided by the cabin staff. As a general rule, anyone with a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) should remain in the health center until they are able to maintain a normal temperature for 24 hours without medication and communicable disease can be reasonably ruled out. 

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