Medical Policies: Miscellaneous


If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is important to discuss with your physician about the administration of medications during the summer. While school is out, the unique environment of Camp is still a learning experience. Camp emphasizes experiential learning and builds social skills. For the sake of this growth and for safety reasons, campers still need attention and vigilance while at camp. Please discuss your child’s summer plans with his/her physician. Many parents find that with medication, their child is better able to cope with camp and have a successful summer. 


Our staff is trained in how to handle bedwetting issues. If you inform us of a bed wetting issue in your camper’s medical form, we will automatically put them on a bottom bunk bed. Our staff knows that bedwetting can happen and are taught to be discrete and sensitive in such cases. The counselors make sure that the camper’s sheets are washed while the campers are out of the cabin. If you anticipate a case of bed wetting, please pack one extra set of sheets. 


To best serve your camper’s health needs, we ask that all parents fill out health forms for each of their campers on their camper's CampInTouch accounts. One form is our “Health History” form which can be completed and submitted online. The other two forms are paper forms called “Physician’s Examination” and “Medical Authorization” which must be downloaded, printed, then either uploaded to CampInTouch or faxed back (without a cover page) to the number indicated on the form itself (832-415-0584). This form is child-specific with a bar code to ensure that it is automatically added to your child's electronic record. 


Charges for physician's services, emergency room fees, and all medications will be billed directly to the camper's parents or their health insurance carrier for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses that may occur. Every camper must be covered by a health insurance policy while at camp. Please be sure to complete the “Medical Authorization” form online to provide us with your insurance information. 


For safety reasons, our medical staff will not administer allergy shots. We are able to give growth hormone injections. Segel campers cannot bring growth hormone shots on the trip. 


We have a partnership to combat lice with the Lice Clinics of America. They train our staff on checking for lice and remain on hand for Opening Day. Any child found with lice will be charged an additional fee by the Lice Clinics of America for a 3-step treatment on site at Camp. All of that camper’s laundry will be washed and dried at a high temperature to ensure everything is clear before entering the bunk. 

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