Health Forms

To best serve your camper’s health needs, we ask that all parents fill out health forms for each of their campers on their camper's CampInTouch accounts. One form is our “Health History” form which can be completed and submitted online. The other two forms are paper forms called “Physician’s Examination” and “Medical Authorization” which must be downloaded, printed, then either uploaded to CampInTouch or faxed back (without a cover page) to the number indicated on the form itself (832-415-0584). This form is child-specific with a bar code to ensure that it is automatically added to your child's electronic record. 

Unfortunately, no child can attend camp without these health forms completed. The information on these pages could be crucial to your campers’ health, and we cannot accept children who we aren’t fully prepared to care for. So, to maintain our distinguished health accreditation and to give your kids an unforgettable summer, be sure to complete these forms ASAP! 

Some of the important topics covered on the forms include: 

  • Does your camper have special dietary needs? 
  • Does your child carry an inhaler? 
  • Does your child have an IEP we should know about? 
  • Have there been any major changes at home recently? 
  • What sorts of prescription medication does your child take? 
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