Camper Code of Conduct

All campers are expected to familiarize themselves with our basic Code of Conduct before the beginning of their summer session. We ask that all parents review the following material with their campers:


We expect campers to respect themselves and others, our camp and its' facilities, our earth and the environment. CYJ is committed to providing a safe camp environment where relationships are characterized by dignity, respect, and equal treatment. Any behavior in violation of that spirit or the following policies may be cause for forfeiture of camp privileges, calls to a camper’s home, and even immediate expulsion from Camp with no refund of camp fees.

  • Campers must stay on the campgrounds at all times and participate fully in all scheduled programs and activities.
  • Campers must comply with staff supervision at all times.
  • All campers must follow established curfews.
  • Campers must not bully or threaten other campers or staff.
  • Physical or verbal abuse to others will not be tolerated.
  • Boys may only be in cabins designated for boys; girls may only be in cabins designated for girls.
  • Campers will be held responsible for willful damage of Camp or private property, including, but not limited to, graffiti. Parents will be held responsible for any damage caused by their child.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, or any related items are forbidden.
  • Anything deemed destructive or dangerous to anyone at camp—including (but not limited to) matches, fireworks, and weapons of any kind—have no place at Camp and are forbidden.
  • All bags are subject to search.
  • To demonstrate respect for others and ourselves, only appropriate language is acceptable.
  • Staff members may instruct campers to change their outfits if their clothing choices are deemed inappropriate for the camp atmosphere.
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