Lost and Broken Items

On any given camp day, your child may be running, sweating, painting, hiking, dancing, or battling in an epic pillow fight. That means all property you send to camp is at risk of being broken, lost, or otherwise ruined. Understanding that CYJ is not liable for replacing said items, use your best judgment when packing your camper.

A good rule of thumb: if it would be expensive to replace or you’d be sad to see it lost or dirty, don’t send it to camp

We ask that you label everything. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. Our Lost & Found is always full of socks, goggles, water bottles, sunglasses and just about everything in-between that sadly, no one remembered to label. Please explain the importance of keeping track of belongings to your camper. The Lost & Found is located right outside of our dining hall, so campers walk by it multiple times a day.  Unclaimed, unlabeled items will be donated to charitable organizations at the end of each session. If it has a label, we will ship it back to you at your cost.

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