Bullying or harassment of any camper is never allowed and will not be tolerated. Most children argue, tease, or say hurtful things to one another from time to time. Most feel empathy, guilt, remorse, or compassion and then apologize and move on. A bully does not. The bully takes pleasure in using his/her power to hurt the victim. Bullying behavior includes rejection, name-calling, spreading rumors, threats, intimidation, and physical torment. Our staff members participate in an intensive anti-bullying training program during staff orientation week. As part of this training, the staff will learn:

  • How to create a bully-free atmosphere beginning the first day of camp 
  • To recognize warning signs of bullying 
  • To recognize different styles of bullying (direct, indirect, physical, verbal, social aggression, etc.) 
  • How to intervene quickly and effectively to keep all campers safe 

Please encourage your child to tell an adult if they are being bullied or experiencing any other problems while at camp. While our staff is well-trained, things can happen away from or out of sight or hearing of counselors.  Our staff will always help a camper, but they need to know about problems immediately.

Any violation of this policy will be addressed immediately by counselors, camper care, or administrative staff and, if behavior isn't rectified, can result in the dismissal of the camper.  Please see our guidelines on camper behavior and our policy for sending campers home.

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