Relevant Camper Issues

Communication of confidential family matters to Camp Young Judaea’s professional staff is imperative to ensure your child’s mental/physical health and safety. The following circumstances regarding any camper must be communicated to the CYJ Director before the start of the camp session: 

  • Treatment or diagnosis for ANY psychiatric, psychological, or ongoing medical situation. 
  • Suspension of any medications for the summer. 
  • Bed-wetting issue 
  • Hospitalization for any physical or emotional reason within the immediate 12 months prior to attending Camp. 
  • Experience any traumatic incident such as parental separation, earning difficulties, divorce, or death. 
  • Severe allergies. 

We encourage you to make us a full partner in planning your child’s summer by giving us all relevant and up-to-date information in order to ensure your child’s happy and successful camp experience. 

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