Who are the CYJ staff?

CYJ's staff is made up of college students, educators, and specialists who we feel represent our core values. They have a love of kids, a desire to give to others, and a passion for Jewish education. Many of them were campers themselves and are excited to pay forward the magic of CYJ to the next generation.

It’s no simple task, being in their shoes—we have high expectations and a rigorous screening process for anyone who’d like to look after our campers. They must first undergo a thorough application process, an interview with executive staff, several reference checks, and criminal background checks. We’re looking for candidates who exhibit maturity, good judgment, dependability, and a readiness to put the kids ahead of themselves. They have to be role models who our parents would want their children to emulate, as well as the type of people who are invested in enriching our kids’ every moment.

Anyone offered a position with CYJ-Texas is expected to attend at least one week of pre-summer orientation, called Staff Week. The training is exhaustive, covering program planning, bunk management, conflict resolution, emergency procedures, and more. Staff Week also serves to bring our staff together, so that they’re a cohesive team by the time our campers arrive. To keep everyone on top of their game, employees are evaluated and provided feedback and extra training throughout the summer.

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