Mailing Letters to Camp

Hand-written letters are for sure our favorite form of camp communication. Campers feel SO special when they receive letters from their friends and family because they can see how much of an effort you’re making just to say hi. 

CYJ Texas Mailing Address:

Camper’s Full Name 
Aidah/Cabin Number *
Camp Young Judaea 
121 Camp Young Judaea Drive 
Woodcreek, TX 78676

* You will receive an email on Opening Day with your camper's Aidah and Cabin Number to use in addressing letters.

Keep in mind that, while some moms and dads write letters before their children even leave, (guaranteeing a nice note early in the summer season!), kids tend to be less reliable in their correspondence. You will not know your child's cabin number prior to them leaving for camp so for those first letters we ask that you just put down your child's aidah (age group). 

We make sure our campers write letters at least twice a week, but they're allowed to write to whomever they wish and we don't track whether or not they respond to the notes they've received. To encourage your campers to write back, we encourage packing pre-addressed/stamped envelopes for them. (This could also help your kids write to other family members, like grandparents or siblings.)

Please note: Campers do not receive mail or emails from Friday afternoon through Saturday in observance of Shabbat. Mail arriving during Shabbat will be delivered to campers on Sunday.

If you want to go the high-tech route, you can send emails to your camper with our CampInTouch System.

What about packages?  We have VERY specific rules about packages, so read up before you send anything to camp.

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