What do we wear at Camp?

A typical day at Camp is very informal. Simple clothes that can get dirty and sweaty should make up most of your campers' outfits. We dress up for Shabbat on Friday evenings, but no need to be fancy as long as it's something your child feels special in that wouldn't be for the rest of the week. (On Saturday morning, we wear white!)

Campers must have hats to wear every day at Camp. Families are charged a nominal fee whenever CYJ has to provide a hat (or water bottle) to campers.

Some clothing we don't allow:

  • Clothing promoting any of the following: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or sex. (Even when these promotions are in languages other than English, they remain prohibited.)
  • High heels—heels on our terrain are just asking for ankle injuries.
  • No two-piece bathing suits. We require one-piece bathing suits or tankinis.
  • Campers should not bring sheer or revealing clothing, strapless dresses, or skirts shorter than fingertip length.

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