Extra Prep for Segel Campers

What's the food like?

Most Segel participants really like the food on the trip! The fact that they take part in helping cook and prepare the meals can make them even more enjoyable than dining at Camp.

Who's there on the trip?

There will be 1 unit head, 2 trip directors, 1 logistical staff member, and 4-5 counselors. We expect from 30-45 campers each session.

Is there emergency planning?

Of course, as always, health safety are our number one priority, so there are of course emergency procedures in place just in case. Staff members on the trip have a list of hospitals in the area at all times. They also communicate with the head staff in Wimberley every day and carry cell phones with them everywhere they go.

Additional items needed only for Segel: 

  • Extra duffel bag
  • Day pack / backpack 
  • Extra water bottle (quart size minimum) 
  • Wallet- $100-$150 in spending money (campers are responsible for holding their own money) 
  • Sleeping pad 
  • Appropriate shoes– hiking boots or sneakers 
  • Water shoes (closed toe) 
  • 2 additional pair of Long pants/jeans 
  • 2 additional Sweatshirt/long sleeved shirt

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