Closing Day

On Closing Day we invite you to come to camp to pick up your campers.  Like on Opening Day, we will open the gates at 11:00 am (click here for Mini Mensch info) and direct you to your campers' cabins.  There you can meet their counselors and see their summer homes.  Ask your kids to take you on a tour of camp and show you some of their favorites places and tell you about their favorite activities.  Once you've retrieved your campers' belongings, head to the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) and enjoy lunch before you hit the road.  You'll be able to meet the rest of the staff, schmooze with parents, and even register for next summer.  We will wrap things up and send you on your way by 12:30 pm.

Can't pick up your camper at camp?  We have campers going home by bus and by plane, too.  Check out these articles for more information about each:

Want to get the whole travel picture?  Read up on  Opening Day, too.

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