Opening Day

Opening Day:

On Opening Day each session we get hundreds of campers checked in, COVID tested, checked for lice and temperature, settled in bunks and introduced to their counselors and bunkmates in just a few hours time. It sounds like a lot to do in just a few hours, but it gives us all afternoon to get settled and start the fun of getting to know camp and each other.  

All campers will be dropped off on Opening Day by car. We have an arrival window from 9 am to 12 pm and we ask that all campers be dropped off during this time. For 2022 session 2, you can sign up HERE

When you drive through the CYJ gates, you'll receive a welcome packet and begin the drive-through check-in process. You'll make your first stop at the COVID tests where each camper will take a rapid PCR test. We get results for these tests back in about 15 minutes. While you're waiting for your COVID test results, you'll proceed to the lice checks where all campers' heads will be checked for lice and they will get their temperature taken. After passing the lice check and temperature screening, you will move on to the camper drop-off and luggage unloading zone. You will wait in your car in this zone until a CYJ staff member clears you and lets you know your camper had a negative COVID test result. Staff will be there to help move your luggage, so all you have to worry about is giving your camper a big hug before they head into camp to meet their bunkmates and counselors (we have staff stationed here as well who can show your child to their bunk if needed). Once your camper is dropped off, you can drop off their medicine and meet with the medical team if necessary. Otherwise, you are free to depart and it's l'hitraot (see you later)! 

Want to get the whole travel picture?  Read up on Closing Day too.

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