CYJ Discounts

Here are the discounts available to CYJ families:

Early Bird: $300 off for every Session 1 camper registered before July 8; $300 off for every Session 2 camper registered before August 5 

Jewish Educators: $100 discount for Jewish educators 

Refer a Camper: For every camper you recruit who has never been to camp and whose siblings have never come to camp, your family receives $200 off your total tuition payment 

Sibling Discount: If a family is sending more than one child to camp, each child’s tuition is $100 cheaper

Pay In Full Discount: If a family chooses the option of paying their entire camp tuition in full, they receive a 3% discount on the remaining tuition after any other discounts are taken (like Early Bird or Sibling).

For more see our pages on Summer Rates, Tuition Assistance, and Resources for Tuition Assistance.

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