Camp Prep #7: Camper Care & Medical Teams

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Hi Parents!

In this edition of the Camp Prep Series, we tell you more about our Camper Care and Medical teams.  These two teams work behind the scenes to keep your campers happy and healthy, so they can fully enjoy all that camp has to offer.

Camper Care
These are the “Camp Moms.”  For each session, we have a 3-person team dedicated to supporting your campers.  When you email us to ask questions about how your campers are doing, these are the people that will reach out to your campers and their counselors and get you answers.  Our Camper Care team not only helps campers, counselors, and parents navigate any issues that may come up during camp, but also works proactively with the counselors on inclusiveness and effective strategies for managing kids of all ages.

If there is anything that you think would be helpful for your counselors or Camper Care team to know to better support your camper, please make sure that you have included it in your child’s Camper Profile.  The more you share with us, the more effective our staff can be.  Those forms can be edited even after you’ve submitted them, so please add any missing or additional details this week before we finalize the Camper Profiles.
Medical Care
We have 2 nurses and 2 medical assistants on staff full-time during camp, with visits from doctors every couple of days throughout the session.  Our nurses will administer all medications and treat all minor injuries and illnesses.  The nurses won’t bother you with cuts and scrapes, but you will hear from them if your child:
  • Stays overnight in the Health Center
  • Visits repeatedly for the same issue
  • Needs to see a physician outside of camp for either a routine or emergency service
  • Needs a new prescription
Some things that you can do while getting ready for camp that will help the Medical Staff on Opening Day:
  • Double check your Health History Form.  ALL medications (even over-the-counter) that you send with your camper MUST be listed on your Health History form.  If you send something not listed the nurses will call to verify before administering those medications, which will result in delays.  Also, please enter the number of pills that you are sending as we will count them when you arrive at camp.  Like the Camper Profile, this form can be updated even after it’s submitted, so please review it ASAP.
  • Speaking of over-the-counter medications...there is no need to send them unless they are specifically for allergies.  We have most everything else in stock, and you can give us permission to give those to your children in your Health History Form.
  • Please pack ALL medications together in one Ziploc bag that is easily accessible in your luggage to make check-in for camp much easier.   Include in the bag a piece of paper with any written instructions (don’t write on the bag, it’s too hard to read and it smudges.)  You will be handing this Ziploc bag over to the nurse at camp or to the bus staff when you check-in.  Make sure that all prescriptions are current and that medicines are in their original packaging.
  • Please do not send gummies, as they melt and stick together.  Please do not send liquid medications if your child is able to swallow a pill.  And if the proper dosage is a partial pill, please split them before sending them to camp.
What if I need to talk to the Camper Care or Medical Staff?
While you are always welcome to call us, the best way to reach us at camp is by email.  Your questions are best documented in your words, and our internal system ensures that emails are followed up on in a timely manner.  Email us at one of these addresses:
  1.  This will reach the CYJ Office Staff.  The Office will handle questions about CampMinder, Waldo, logistics, and transportation.  If you aren't sure who to email, use and your questions will get routed to the right place.
  2.  This will reach our Camper Care team.  They will get back to you as soon as possible, but remember they are out and about with your campers most of the day and do not always have immediate access to emails. 
  3.  This will reach the Health Center, where the nurses can answer any medical questions or concerns that you have.
We will try to return all emails the same day they are received if you contact us before 5:00 pm.  Remember that our offices are closed for Shabbat, so give us a little extra time to get back to you then.

Well, this brings our Camp Prep series to an end.  We hope this has helped our new parents prepare for their first year at camp and given our returning parents a refresher.  And as always…If you have any questions at all as you get ready for camp, let us know: or  713-723-8354.  You can also search our  Knowledge Base to learn more about not only our Camper Care and Medical teams, but anything else you need to know as you get ready for camp.
We can’t wait to see your campers!

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