Camp Prep #2: Food

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Hi Parents!

Welcome back to our Camp Prep Series!  We have talked about how to get your kids to and from camp…. now we will talk about FOOD.
Many parents worry about what, or if, their campers will eat at camp.  Our chadar ochel (dining room) is a place we take as seriously as any other part of your child’s camp experience.  Our campers are super active, and we know how important it is for them to stay well-fed with a variety of both healthy AND kid-friendly options.
Our Kitchen
Did you know that CYJ Texas has the largest kosher kitchen in the Southwest?  Our state-of-the-art kitchen is overseen by Chef Johnathen and his professional staff and includes three hot buffet lines and two separate kosher kitchens.  Our full-time chef and kitchen staff work at CYJ year-round and have experience serving all types of groups with all types of needs.
The Camp Menu

  • Our breakfasts include classics such as French toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, eggs and breakfast tacos. 
  • By lunchtime, our campers have worked up an appetite, so we have hearty options such as hamburgers, chicken fajitas, beef and broccoli, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and stir-fries. 
  • For dinner, we offer choices such as baked potato and soup, pizzas, cheese enchiladas, baked ziti, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and pasta with alfredo sauce.

Special Diets and Picky Eaters

  • Our chef is experienced in accommodating special needs.  We have campers that are vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free that are as well-fed as the rest of the campers.  There are always choices for kids with special diets at every meal and our kitchen staff is there during meal service to answer questions.  We accommodate kids with nut sensitivities by having a nut-friendly kitchen.
  • We encourage the kids to try new foods at camp, and most kids are willing to experiment.  Even for the most adventurous eater, however, there may be a meal that just isn’t appealing.  There are staple foods that we have at all meals so that every camper can find something to enjoy.  Every day the kids can count on having a mix of breakfast cereals, a yogurt and granola bar, a bottomless fruit bowl, a salad bar, soy butter for sandwiches, and pasta.  .  Our counselors pay attention to what their kids are eating and will help them navigate the choices or talk to the kitchen staff to be sure everyone is well-fed.

If your child has a special dietary need, please make sure that you have identified it in the Health History Form.  Page 4 of the online form includes a Nutritional Profile where you can identify any special dietary needs or concerns.  Our Chef uses this information to ensure that we have choices to accommodate all special needs.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask: or 713-723-8354.  You can also search our Knowledge Base to learn more about not only  food,  but everything else you need to know to get ready for camp.

Next up in the Camp Prep Series:  Packing!

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