2022-2023 Board Members

Our Board Members

Thanks to the steadfast support and creativity of our dedicated volunteer leadership, Camp Young Judaea-Texas continues to thrive under the guidance of the following people: 


Mark Estes – President (Houston, TX)
Mark Berins – Vice President – Facilities (Houston, TX) 
Adam Goldman – Vice President – Development (Houston, TX)
Mike Fisherman – Secretary (Houston, TX)
Wendy Cohen – Treasurer (Los Angeles, CA)
Lisa Hartman – Vice President – Strategic Program (Denver, CO)
Mollye Finkelstein – Member-at-Large (Dallas, TX)
Cheryl Drazin – Past President (Dallas, TX) 


Abby Ackerman  (Houston, TX)
Amy Bossin (Houston, TX) - Scholarship Chair 
Dan Feldman (Dallas, TX)
Arturo Karakowsky (Houston, TX)
Erika Kaufman (Houston, TX)
Dan Lavin (Houston, TX)
Arielle Levy (Austin, TX)
Jeanne Lipson (El Paso, TX)
Cindy Meador (Houston, TX)
Jason Methner (San Diego, CA)
Josh Samet (Houston, TX)
Lisa Schimmel (Portland, OR)
Sarah Shapiro (Austin, TX) - Bingo Chair
Frank Silberlicht (Houston, TX)- Executive Director
Andrew Spector (Houston, TX)
Talia Traub (Austin, TX)
Stuart Wallock (Austin, TX)
Daphna Yoffe (Dallas, TX)


Mike Abkowitz (Austin, TX)
Reuben Bar Yadin (San Antonio, TX)
Sarah Braham (Houston, TX)
Steven Finkelman (Houston, TX)
Mark Gottesman (Houston, TX)
Albert Hiller (Houston, TX)
Aaron Hiller (Washington, DC)
Joseph Kornfeld (Houston, TX)
Jonah Paransky (Houston, TX)
Sonia Raizes (Houston, TX)
Ann Ronn (Houston, TX)
Jason Schwartz (Dallas, TX)
Alex Wolchansky (Houston, TX)

If you would like to learn about joining our Board of Directors, please click here.

A significant amount of volunteer work/discussion occurs within our committees, and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to participate.  To learn more about CYJ’s committees and/or to indicate your interest in becoming involved, please click here.

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