Staff FAQ

Mail & E-mail
Receiving mail at Camp is just as much fun for staff as it is for counselors. Family and friends can send mail to the camp address, and it will be put in your cabin's mail bin in the office (unless it's too big! Then we return it- just kidding! It will be placed next to the mail bins for pick-up.) We have computers with internet access in the office during time off for staff to use them. We also have Wifi throughout Camp for those who bring computers.

Getting dirty is a central part of summer camp; getting clean again should be just as easy. During the summer, a schedule is set by bunk for laundry, which is done once a week. Each bunk staff has a separate laundry bag for the staff to have their laundry washed separately (not with the camper's laundry), and they will get the clean laundry back the same day. There are washers, dryers, and laundry detergent in the staff house also available to you.

Cell Phones
Most cell phones have reception at Camp, and you are welcome to use them during your off periods when the campers are not around. Cell phones may be left OFF or on silent in the cabins with a code and out of sight of children in the staff area of the cabin. Phones may not be taken to camper activities. No campers are allowed to see or use staff personal cell phones for any reason.

Time Off
Being a counselor is a highly demanding (and rewarding) 7-day-a-week, 24-hours-a-day job, which is why time off is so important. For each session, you can take two (2) non-consecutive days off (24 hours). There is also a 72-hour recovery period between the sessions for you to relax and re-energize for the next group of campers. Each day, staff members get an hour off as well in order to rest or deal with personal matters.

While pets are technically not allowed, we can't stop you from bringing imaginary pets. (We recommend a spaghetti tiger, a dangerous yet delicious companion.)

Personal Vehicles
You're welcome to bring your car to Camp (or truck, for that matter – we are in Texas, after all!) Staff vehicles must be registered at the camp office upon arrival to Camp, at which time you will receive a parking pass to tag on your car for the summer. You may use your vehicle to take your friends with you out of Camp for days off, etc. No one may transport campers without the written permission of the camp director.

Tattoos & Body Piercing

Here at CYJ, we realize that role models come in all shapes and sizes; some even have tattoos and body piercings. However, our staff is admired greatly by our campers and, as a result, they tend to mimic everything you do, say, and wear – including tattoos and piercings. Therefore, we request that while at Camp, you cover them and do not bring attention to them when speaking with the campers. (We have made exceptions in RARE circumstances.) We ask that you please let us know during the interview if this will be an issue for you.

Drugs & Alcohol

The use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages and drugs is prohibited on any part of Camp property at any time and will result in immediate dismissal. This policy is as serious as it is uncomplicated.

Not that it's exciting to talk about, but if you have a work-related injury while you're at Camp, your medical expenses will be covered by CYJ's workman's comp. If it's not work-related (for example, on your time off, you decided to go skydiving, and your chute didn't open), your own carrier or your parents' carrier covers the expenses.

Judaism, Zionism, and Other Camp Philosophies
CYJ blends a mix of traditions, rituals, and philosophies, one we hope should make the greatest number of campers comfortable as possible. While working for CYJ, we expect our staff to be open-minded and to further the values of the organization, even if you may not share identical values in your personal life.

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