Do Campers Need Money at Camp?

Tzedakkah Money

Campers are encouraged to bring $5 to camp with them, sealed in an envelope and turned into the check-in table on the first day of camp. This money will be used in a program about tikun olam and giving tzedakah.  After the program, campers will choose which organizations they want to support and we will consolidate the gifts for each charity. This is a great way to teach the campers about tzedakah and at the same time give to those in need during our time at camp. Parents are welcome to add more money to the tzedakah envelope or add more money to our donations during the summer. 

Outings for Older Campers

Kesher and Bogrim will have the opportunity to leave camp for Tiyul (trip day). Campers can bring spending money, but it is not mandatory. Meals are always provided by Camp at no cost to the campers. Any monies the campers bring is for souvenirs, extra drinks, snacks, or gifts while on trips outside of Camp. Campers will be responsible for holding their own money. Camp staff will not be collecting or taking responsibility for campers’ personal spending money. 

  • Kesher and Bogrim—$20 is suggested 
  • Segel — $100 - $150 is suggested
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