Leaving Camp


We do not allow campers to come and go on dates other than the designated start and end dates of sessions. However, we do understand that occasionally camp overlaps with important family functions that can’t be missed. 

Please keep the following in mind: 

  • Consider the importance of your child’s participation in the camp program before making plans to remove your child. 
  • Contact our office well before the summer to arrange the dates and times of pick up & arrival. 
  • Camp is not responsible for providing or arranging any transportation to or from Camp. 
  • Doctor appointments, sporting events and concerts are not valid reasons for a child to leave Camp. 
  • We do not allow any arrivals or departures during Shabbat. 


Campers will only be released on closing day to a parent or legal guardian. If someone other than the parent or legal guardian will be picking up your child/ren, you must let us know on the transportation form or call the office before closing day. 

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