Tuition Assistance

The founders of Camp Young Judaea had a fundamental belief that all Jewish children who wish to attend Jewish Camp should do so regardless of financial circumstances.  Our goal is to continue this tradition.  We do, however, face certain realities of limited financial aid, which we call Tuition Assistance.  This money is donated by many families specifically to aid other families in getting to camp. 

Some general guidelines that will help you get started with the process:

  • The more places you apply for Tuition Assistance, the more money you can get. 
  • Scholarship deadlines are critical.  Late applications may be denied or may not be granted if funds have already been distributed.
  • Parents have a responsibility to pay as much tuition as they can afford without going into debt.
  • If you receive more money in Tuition Assistance than you owe, we refund you up to the amount you've paid out of pocket.  The Tuition Assistance process is blind to what you have already paid.
  • The most important piece of any Tuition Assistance application is the narrative that you write.  There is often more to the request for scholarship than the numbers show.  Committees of people make tuition grant decisions and the explanation of your needs and why camp is important to you and your child influences decisions.

Please download our Tuition Assistance Resources Packet for 2019 to find out:

  1. What do I do first?
  2. Can you help me calculate what I can pay and what aid I need?
  3. Who do I contact for scholarship applications?
  4. Where does the Tuition Aid come from? 
  5. What if I am applying from Mexico or South America?  (Please download our Spanish version of the Tuition Aid Packet)

Our packet answers ALL of these questions, but, as always, please let us know if you have questions.  We are here to help navigate the process of seeking financial aid.

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