Summer 2023 Camper COVID Vaccine Policy

As we prepare for another fantastic summer at CYJ, we wanted to address the question everyone is asking:  How will COVID-19 impact the summer? 

Safety is the number one priority at CYJ. We know that COVID is becoming less and less widespread. However, unfortunately, it is still a possibility that COVID-19 will find its way into camp this summer. Our protocols for Summer 2022 helped us run camp as normally as we could, with minimal disruption to our program. In summary, those protocols included testing before the session and on opening day, no vaccine requirement, no masking, and no testing in camp unless it would change how we medically treated a camper. CYJ's medical committee will continue to meet over the coming months to determine an action plan for Summer 2023. We believe it's too early to make final decisions, and as we look at the world today, we see no need to require COVID-19 vaccinations or testing for staff or campers. 

To give us maximum flexibility and prioritize our Camp population's safety, It is important to note that  CYJ Texas reserves the right to change our vaccine requirements or protocols at any time.

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