Summer 2022 Camper COVID Vaccine Policy

As we prepare for another amazing summer at CYJ, we wanted to address the question everyone is asking: How will COVID-19 impact the summer? 

Safety is the number one priority at CYJ.  We know that it is a real possibility that COVID-19 will find its way into camp this summer. CYJ's medical committee spent many hours meeting and discussing this issue. Based on their advice and what we know today, it is strongly recommended that every camper be fully vaccinated against COVID. Additionally, all CYJ Texas staff will be required to be fully up-to-date with their COVID vaccinations.

We know there will be questions regarding testing, masking, and potential plans for treating positive cases.  We will be in touch with all our camp families once summer 2022 COVID protocols are complete. 

It is important to note that CYJ Texas reserves the right to change our vaccine requirements at any time, even the day before camp to protect the safety of our camper population.  Please note that, in the unfortunate event that we experience a positive COVID event at camp, our protocol may require us to take different steps for the safety of vaccinated and unvaccinated campers.  If your camper is not yet vaccinated, we strongly urge you to consider fully vaccinating your camper as soon as possible to ensure everyone can attend camp safely.

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