COVID-19 Policy: Pre-Camp Behavior and Testing

All campers will be required to change their exposure behaviors for 7 days prior to the beginning of their camp session. During this 7 day period, we ask that you do not attend large gatherings (10+ people) and are masked and socially-distanced when outside of your immediate household. Please do not eat at indoor restaurants, attend parties, large sporting events, or other high-risk environments. Attendance at school is permitted.

We will require every camper to arrive on the first day of their session with one negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. We strongly recommend a PCR test 10-14 days prior to arrival as well.

We will test every child on opening day before joining the camp community. CYJ will continue to test the entire population throughout the session to ensure we have a safe and contained community. 

Here are details about pre camp testing timeline as of 6/1/21: 

This article is a bit long, but has very important information that will allow us to have as normal a summer as possible. In order to do this, we need your help. Please follow the COVID quarantine protocols we have set in place including wearing a mask in public, avoiding large crowds, and not eating indoors at restaurants. The success of our summer depends on YOU. Please check your emails from us and reply promptly when needed. We will need your permission to administer the COVID tests. 

We know it is hectic leading up to camp so we hope that this will help guide you along the way. 

  • Now - Watch your mail. Healix Pathology has started mailing the COVID tests that CYJ is providing for your camper to take on June 10. Mine arrived in a silver bubble mailer. You may open the package, but please do not register or open the test bag until June 10. This is very important. The test will be logged for the day you register, not the day you ship. Registering early will negate the test being taken within 72 hours of camp.
  • June 3/July 1 - We strongly encourage each camper to go get a COVID test 10-12 days before camp. Tests are usually covered by insurance and are readily available at CVS, urgent care, or your medical provider’s office. By having this test done 10 days before, if your child tests positive, they will be able to quarantine and arrive with everyone else on the opening day of camp. 
  • June 4/July 2 - If you have not received your test from Healix, please contact us and we will ensure another one is sent to you. 
  • June 7/July 5 - You will receive an email with detailed information about opening day procedures. 
  • June 9/July 7- Fill out the Pre-Arrival Screening form in CampInTouch. This form is a screening and has a place for you to include vaccine information and upload your camper’s vaccine card. 
  • June 10/July 8 - It is time to open the packet and take the test. Every pack will contain an instruction sheet (attached to this email) and one test per camper.
    • For those who live in zip codes 77005, 77096, 77401
      • When registering, you will not have to pay to cover shipping costs
      • You will return the kit in person to the lab in Bellaire at 4800 Fournace Place, Suite BW2.
      • Dropoff BEFORE 11am on June 11th
    • For those who live outside of those 3 zipcodes
      • These kits DO include a FedEx Clinical Pak and prepaid return label
      • When registering, you will need to pay the $20 to cover the shipping cost
      • Return to FedEx BEFORE 3pm on June 10
  • June 13/July 11 - OPENING DAY! It is finally here! As we mentioned, you will receive an email with detailed information about opening day procedures. For now, we want to let you know that we have hired Point of Care Health Services to administer a rapid PCR test. This is a shallow nasal swab, not the brain tickler. This week, you will receive a Docusign for each camper from Point of Care Health Services.  This will include waivers and requests for insurance information. Please make opening day go smoothly by expeditiously completing it this week. 
  • June 17/July 15 - The entire camp will be administered a saliva PCR test from Healix. Our goal is for everyone to test negative so we can experience camp in larger groups and without masks. As life was  15 months ago.  

With your help, we can make this summer as normal as possible for our kids. We all know they need it. 

The CYJ Team

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