COVID-19 Update - Email March 11th

Vaccines for staff:

We are very excited that we may be able to have all our staff vaccinated by the summer. We are breathing a huge sigh of relief as this means creating our contained camp community will be that much easier.

Pre-camp behavior requirements:

All campers will be required to change their exposure behaviors for 7 days prior to the beginning of their camp session. During this 7 day period, we ask that you do not attend large gatherings (10+ people) and are masked and socially-distanced when outside of your immediate household. Please do not eat at indoor restaurants, attend parties, large sporting events, or other high-risk environments. Attendance at school is permitted. 

Opening Day:

As a reminder, we are requiring a negative PCR test 24-72 hours prior to arrival, and we plan on testing every camper when they arrive on opening day. Thus, we are NOT able to provide buses or airport pickups, and we expect a responsible adult to drop campers off at camp. A parent does not need to be the person dropping the camper off, but please be aware that that adult is responsible for the camper until they pass our health screening.

Closing Day:

On closing day, however, we will send every child home on a bus*. Buses will drop off in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the Austin and San Antonio airports for those campers flying home. Bus transportation will be included at no extra cost to you. Based on the advice we have received from our medical committee, we feel that it is a safe option for our campers to bus home as they will have been in our contained camp community for three and a half weeks, so the risk of COVID-19 transmission is low. 

* With the exception of our Nitzanim (11-day) campers who will be picked up when their program ends mid-session.

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