Pictures at Camp: Meet Waldo!

Welcome to Waldo!

What is Waldo?                                                          

Waldo is a new website and phone app where you will be able to see the pictures that our counselors and photographer take each day of your campers in action.  For veteran CYJ Texas parents, this replaces the CampInTouch photos from previous years. 

So, how does it work? There are 2 ways to use Waldo:

The Free Service:                                                                                                                   

  • Log into the Waldo Web Gallery - - and enter code CYJTX2020.
  • Here you will be able to see ALL of the pictures that we upload throughout the summer.  They will be grouped by aidah or by “event” (e.g., Maccabiah or Opening Day will have their own folders).
  • You can search the photo folders and once you find a picture you like, you can:
    • Download a high-resolution copy (this is FREE)
    • Share on Facebook
    • Purchase a print

The Premium Service:                                                                                                  

What makes the Premium Service special? 

  • Waldo will notify you via its app that your camper’s picture has been uploaded.  No searching folders, no stalking the website. 
  • Not only will it find your camper in the aidah pictures, but it will also search the “event” folders.  For example, we upload hundreds of Maccabiah pictures and have no way to group them by aidah.  Waldo will find your camper so you don’t have to search through all of the pictures to find the one picture you really want to see. 
  • On top of that, you can invite up to 6 people on one paid service to receive the same notifications that you are receiving. Just like the free service, you can download and share pictures from the app.
  • If your camper is signed up with the premium service, we can monitor how many pictures he/she has appeared in.  If we see there are campers that haven’t been in pictures in a few days, we can send our photographer to capture those specific kids that are sometimes hard to catch in action.  We can’t track kids that aren’t signed up for the premium service.

Sounds good!  What do I do first?

Pick a good, solo picture of your child to upload for the facial recognition software to use. 

What next?

Text CYJTX2020 to 735-343 on your phone.  Waldo will walk you through the download of the app and the upload of your camper’s photograph.  You will walk through the upload for each of your campers.  You’ll be prompted to pay the premium fee during this process. 

How much does the Premium Service cost?

  • $34.99 per 3-week camper
  • $14.99 per Nitzanim camper
  • $5.99 per Mini Mensch camper

Ok, I’ve signed up and uploaded my pictures.  When does the magic happen?

  • We will upload pictures from our staff and our photographer every day except Shabbat.  Waldo will search all of the pictures in your camper’s aidah AND all of the “general” pictures that we upload.  As soon as Waldo finds your camper, you will get an app notification. 
  • Just like the free service, you can:
    • Download a high-resolution copy (this is FREE)
    • Share on Facebook
    • Purchase a print

My family is bugging me!  How do I share this app so they can see pictures for themselves?

Once the first picture appears of your camper you will see a link to “invite friends.”  Follow the link and enter the mobile number of the person you’d like to share the pictures with.  Waldo will walk your contact through the app download.  Your Premium Service works for up to 6 unique user.

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