10th-11th-Grade Program - Bonim

This 10th & 11th-grade program is unlike any aidah that came before. With these campers having already graduated our demanding Segel program, they’re now trusted with more freedom and responsibility than ever before. They co-lead activities, have more input in their daily schedule, and live in our exclusive Teen Village, a living space just for them!

Bonim has all the fun campers have grown to love about camp - and more!  How about later curfews, Bonim bonfires, cooking your own breakfast, hosting cookouts, enjoying a private Bonim lounge and having more independence at camp.  

We will also focus on IMPACT LEADERSHIP:

  • Israel as a Start-Up Nation:  
    • Why is Israel called the "Start-Up Nation?"
    • Learn about environmental sustainability
    • Hear from Israeli entrepreneurs first-hand
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • How do local entrepreneurs leverage profits to support their communities?
    • Visit campuses of top Austin Tech companies
    • Meet high-tech industry professionals
  • Social Responsibility
    • Evaluate the non-profit model for addressing societal needs
    • Translate values into community engagement
    • Visit handicap-accessible Water Park
  • Camp Leadership
    • Serve as Maccabia Co-Captains
    • Assist in planning and running electives
    • Implement programs for younger campers

Download our Bonim Brochure and share it!

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